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Suprun Alexey * Bariatric Surgeon * Suprun Alexey * Bariatric Surgeon

Suprun Alexey * Bariatric Surgeon

The duration of bariatric surgery is usually one to two hours – it all depends on the technique chosen by the surgeon.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is given an injection, after a while he falls asleep and wakes up in the ward.

No, immediately after the surgery is completed, the patient will be transferred to a regular room where they will recover.

Recovery is relatively quick. Patients are allowed to move around the ward as early as the evening of the same day.

You can drink water the next day, but you should observe some restrictions – drink a teaspoonful and no more than 100 ml of water per day. On day 2-3 you can gradually expand the drinking regimen and switch to liquid food (broths, juices).

From the entire list of bariatric surgeries, the surgeon chooses the technique that is suitable for the patient in question. His choice is based on the results of medical examinations: gastroscopy, blood and urine tests, CT scans and other examinations.